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3 Usage - Reference Documentation

Authors: Sandro Martini

Version: 1.0.6

3 Usage

Installing the plugin

First you need to install the plugin into a Grails application: using the recommended way, configure it as a dependency in BuildConfig.groovy:

plugins {
    compile ':apache-pivot-grails:<plugin version>'
	// compile 'pivot_stuff:apache-pivot-grails:<plugin version>'  // or use this if the previous line doesn't work …
	// or at least use the runtime scope …


  • a Servlet container to run the Web application


This plugin allows your Grails application to use Apache Pivot 2.x features on Server side, and (if enabled the JarDownloadServlet in web.xml) even to forward Pivot jars to Clients, to be able to use the same jars even in Applets and Java Web Start Applications.

Quick Start

There is a wiki page on how to use it: Usage Wiki Page

Sample usage

Look at the sample/minimal test webapp (under test/webapp) with some examples on how to use the plugin, inside its test sources.