Archive Page for my old projects at GitHUB

Grails Plugins:
  • dynamic-loaders, utility classes to simplify Dynamic Loading of Classes in the JVM
  • groovytransforms, utility classes to simplify integration of Groovy and Scala code
  • backend-server-akka, Lightweight Application Server for Akka actors, for Backend systems
  • buoi, Browser User Oriented Interface
  • gino, Graphical Interface and Nothing Other
  • akka-tests, sample projects to do some tests with Akka in Java and other JVM-based languages
  • grails3-refresh-styles, test pages for a little style refresh on Grails 3.1.x default pages (at different working stages, see index page inside)
  • dart-samples, some original Dart Sample Apps, here only to try "live"

Copyright and license

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 .