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In Plugin sources under the test folder there there are some initial unit and integration tests, and even an inline test webapp.

Code is duplicated to avoid unnecessary complexity. Unnecessary code in plugin sources is already excluded in plugin packaging.

Note that some code is more general than required for tests, but only to show some basic features.

The plugin now has an utility service (AkkaService) that by default creates an Akka ActorSystem at application startup with a default name:
  • if defined, the value of grails_akka.akkaSystem.name variable, set in Grails config file
  • otherwise, the webapp context name
  • otherwise (at last), "grails-akka" will be used.

Use it like any other Grails services, defining an akkaService variable. For more info, look at AkkaService API in generated docs.

In the test webapp you can see that in Bootstrap a sample Actor is created in the system. There is even a sample controller (AkkaController) that interacts with plugin AkkaService, and show some info of the actor system and actors.

Akka documentation

Look at Akka API for Java, usable from Groovy and Java code, from here Akka Java API