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4 Troubleshooting - Reference Documentation

Authors: Sandro Martini, originally developed by VladimĂ­r OranĂ˝

Version: 1.4.2

4 Troubleshooting


  • angular not defined, in application-specific JavaScript files
    • Resources plugin put AngularJS scripts at the end of head section in HTML pages, so to call AngularJS from application-specific scripts (written directly in page, without using Resources Plugin) you must put them after the inclusion of AngularJS scripts (for example at the beginning of the body section), or include it in a r:script
  • Module "index" missing in webapp, when trying to use angularjs.Nge2eController
    • Remember to define an "index" module in ApplicationResources.groovy, needed by Resources plugin


  • Running test-app gives: ERROR resource.ResourceMeta - Resource not found: … on some angularjs js files
    • All it's good the same, those files are not required in test phase (at least now)
  • Resources Plugin with problems when jQuery is enabled
    • An older version of the Resources Plugin working (with jQuery) was 1.2.8, otherwise use a new one starting from 1.2.14