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Authors: Sandro Martini, originally developed by Vaclav Pech and Domingo Suarez Torres

Version: 2.11.6

3 Tutorials


In Plugin sources under the test folder there there are some initial unit and integration tests, and even an inline test webapp.

There are even some Sample Scala sources under src/scala folder to ensure that Scala code (many different kind of classes) compiles inside the plugin, but of course that code is excluded when packaging it. Note that those Sample Scala sources are used only from the test webapp, both from Scala code and from Groovy code (using the Java interoperability way).

Last, to ensure that the plugin is working right, in the test webapp, there are some Unit Test classes done in Scala that are using ScalaTest, but to avoid including it as dependency in the plugin, they are included only there. And they are not triggered by Grails tests (the test-app command).

Scala documentation

Look at Scala API , or generic Scala doc site